Beta 1.1.2
I've never been a fan of games that involve flying a space ship without the ability to either go inside the ship or go down to a planet
but Avorion seems to be an exception to that.  Yes, you're limited to staying inside ships, but the customization of those ships is
quite exceptional and you really don't feel like you're losing anything by not having an actual character that walks around on
a station or planet.  Thus we're glad to host this server for our regular players.  Enjoy the galaxy!
    LAST UPDATED:  July 6, 2020



Who is the Owner of the Server?  Jodian - On Steam  (former names include ViperZeroOne)

Is This On a Dedicated or Shared Server?  The network is a personal home network, but the server is dedicated.

Is There Any Downtime?  The server is only taken down for updating, otherwise it should be online.

How Often Are Updates Performed?  Regularly, unless the update requires a server-wipe.

Is The Server Ever Wiped?  Some updates may require a wipe, that said we will give extensive notice prior to doing so.

Do You Allow PVP?  No, the server is set to PvE mode.  There are enough hazards in the galaxy of Avorion.

How Long Do Stations Last?  Player stations and ships only exist as long as the player maintains them.

Can I Use Mods?  No, we do not allow game mods of any kind.  This is a completely vanilla server.

Is There A Story?  Yes, the story mode is enabled, but finishing the story doesn't wipe the galaxy.

Offline Protection:  As this game maintains player vehicles and structures, even when they're offline, it is vitally important that players do not draw enemy attacks toward those offline player's holdings.  As such (aside from the starting sector) if you enter a sector where another player has a ship or station, you may not loiter in that system unless you intend to protect their holdings from pirate/alien raids.

PVE Harassment:  While we have PVP disabled, there are still ways players can get around this and "attack" other players.  Players are required to follow a general code of conduct and not cause the unwanted distruction of other player's ships and facilities.  This is our number 1 rule, and the one we take the most serious.  As other players are easily identifyble, we do not allow any excuses for causing them damage.

No Monopolizing Resources:  Through the galaxy are resources that all players require.  While we understand that the construction of large ships and bases require a lot of resources, we highly discourage players from mining the same sector another player is already mining.  The exception to this is the starting sector, however anyone who has the capability of leaving the starting sector should do so.  Players who clearly have the ability to leave the starting sector, and are found to be offline in the starting sector, may be forcefully moved by moderators.

No Station Crowding:  While we encourage players to grow the market with their own stations and starbases, this is a massive universe and there's no reason for any player to create a station in a sector where another player already has a station.  The exception to this, of course, is if both players are allied or of the same faction and they are building up a sector for their own purposes.

No Bug Exploiting/Cheating:  Along with every game presents the opportunity for players to search the internet far and wide for things that will make their game unusually easy.  In other words, they look for ways to cheat.  Cheating only takes away from the joy experienced by other players who've actually worked hard to accomplish thier goals.   

With our own history of playing this game we know how long it takes to gather resources, level up, and build ships and stations.  All actions on this server are logged in detail, and players who advance at an unreasonable pace will be discreatly audited.  Anyone found to be cheating will be immediately and perminently removed from the server.




The following rules apply to EVERYONE on our Avorion server.  Please ensure you read and understand these rules as the punishment for breaking them can include losing the ability to play on ALL of our servers.  These rules are common sense, ignorance of them is not an acceptable excuse.




The following is a list of mods that we have active on the server.  While we try to keep this list updated and accurate, there may be times when we

test out a new mod and it isn't listed listed here.  I've also added a brief description of the mod, so players get an idea what they're getting into.




We currently have no active Mods on the server.

What Settings Are You Using?  The server is on normal difficulty, story mode, with PvE enabled.