Empyrion : Galactic Survival

Alpha 12 - Survival Mode
We at JodianGaming have always enjoied our relationship with the space survival genre, and one of the best games we've found in that genre was Empyrion: Galactic Survival.  Through it's humble beginnings, Empyrion has always held a special place in our hearts.  Endless levels of creativity in a galaxy of wonder makes this game one of our favorites.  With the release of Alpha 12, we're happy to return to our roots and, once again, bring you a completely free and open survival world for the enjoyment of all.  Happy gaming!
    LAST UPDATED:  October 5, 2019



Who is the Owner of the Server?  Jodian - On Steam  (former names include ViperZeroOne)

Is This On a Dedicated or Shared Server?  The network is a personal home network, but the server is dedicated.

Is There Any Downtime?  The server is restarted each morning at 5:00am EST.

How Often Are Updates Performed?  Regularly, unless the update requires a server-wipe.

Is The Server Ever Wiped?  Some updates may require a wipe, that said we will give extensive notice prior to doing so.

Do You Allow PVP?  Yes, but only in specified PVP zones.  We heavily discourage preying on the weak, however.

How Long Do Buildings Last?  Player structures are wiped after 30 days of inactivity.

Can I Use Blueprints?  We allow blueprints for small vehicles.  Larger buildings/ships require creation from scratch.

Can I Save Blueprints?  You can blueprint export anything you've created.

Offline Protection:  As a primarily PVE server, we strictly restrict players from damaging or raiding player owned bases while said players are offline.  This includes bases that have been built in PVP zones.  Ships, of all sizes, as well as orbital and planetary bases are included in this restriction.

PVP Harassment:  While we do allow PVP in areas designated as PVP, we are first and foremost a co-operative survival server.  We encourage peaceful relations between players.  That said, repeatedly killing a player to the detriment of their enjoying the server is highly discouraged.  If we find your PVP activities border on player harassment you may face diciplinary action.

No Monopolizing Resources:  Through the galaxy are resources that all players require.  While we understand that the construction of large ships and bases require a lot of resources, we highly discourage players from completely monopolizing the resources on any one planet.  For large projects please utilize asteroid fields as they respawn regularly.

Market Undercutting:  While we don't restrict anything sold on the market, we do discourage extensive undercutting of other players prices.  By extensive, we mean setting a market price that's over 50% below what most players would be considered a reasonable price.  As an example, if the majority of players are selling a stack of Iron for 500 credits, selling the same stack for 100 would be considered extensive undercutting.

No Bug Exploiting/Cheating:  Along with every game presents the opportunity for players to search the internet far and wide for things that will make their game unusually easy.  In other words, they look for ways to cheat.  Cheating only takes away from the joy experienced by other players who've actually worked hard to accomplish thier goals.   

With our own history of playing this game we know how long it takes to gather resources, level up, and build bases.  All actions on this server are logged in detail, and players who advance at an unreasonable pace will be discreatly audited.  Anyone found to be cheating will be immediately and perminently removed from the server.




The following rules apply to EVERYONE on our Mindustry server.  Please ensure you read and understand these rules as the punishment for breaking them can include losing the ability to play on ALL of our servers.  These rules are common sense, ignorance of them is not an acceptable excuse.




The following is a list of mods that we have active on the server.  While we try to keep this list updated and accurate, there may be times when we

test out a new mod and it isn't listed listed here.  I've also added a brief description of the mod, so players get an idea what they're getting into.




We currently have no active Mods on the server.

What Scenario Are You Using?  We use the "Default Multiplayer" scenario.  Resource deposits are increased.