Game Server Rules

By accessing the games we host you, the player, agree to abide and follow all of the rules listed on this page.  Failure to follow the rules as laid
out here can lead to disiplinary action against your account up to, and including, the black-listing of your account from all game servers we operate.  The service we provide is free, without requrement of subscription or reimbursement, and as such we reserve the right to determine who may or may not access our game servers.  These rules are based on the specific genre of the game in question and it is up to the player to identify which category the game they play falls into.

For genre specific rules please select from the list below;

Survival Crafting Games

Rule #1:  There is to be no griefing or stealing.

  • Griefing is the act of willingly, or accidentally, damaging another player's base or buildings
  • Stealing is the act of taking items that do not belong to you, such as food from another player's farm or storage bins

Rule #2:  You may not build in a location that will block another player from accessing key resources or prevent those resources from regenerating (if applicable).  

Rule #3:  There is to be no swearing, racism, or creating of hate symbols.  The definition of a "hate symbol" is at the sole discretion of the staff and will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

Rule #4:  You may not knowingly kill another player.  This includes using game-generated monsters or NPC's to do the killing for you.  There are only 3 exceptions to this rule;


  • If another player enters your base without authorization and is killed by traps or automatic defenses INSIDE your base.
  • If you kill another player while involved in a tribal war with that player's faction (if applicable).
  • The player who was killed agrees it was an accident and does not wish to "prosecute" their killer.

Rule #5:  You may not request items or resources from staff members, or abuse an exploit to gain resources you have not earned.  All resources must be obtained via the game developer's intended means of collecting said resources.

Rule #6:  You may not advertise other servers in chat.  We respect other servers by not going to them and advertising ours, so we demand the same respect in return.

Rule #7:  You may not impersonate a Mod or Admin.  Only those appointed by the server owner (ViperZeroOne) have the trust and responsibility to hold said position.

Rule #8:  There is to be no spamming of random objects across the landscape.  Examples of this include;

  • In Ark - Covering the landscape with pillars to stop resource respawns or claim territory.

  • In Starbound - Leaving random crafting tables on every planet you visit.

  • In Empyrion - Placing random blocks to outline an area you want other players not to build in.

Rule #10:  All of our survival games are Non-PVP by default.  If the game in question allows factions/guilds there may be instances where PVP can be permitted between two factions/guilds.  This activity must be cleared by the server owner (ViperZeroOne) before any PVP is allowed.

Rule #11:  As a player you are required to report any exploits, bugs, or rule breaking to the staff immediately.  This can be done in-game, if there is a staff member available, or on the forums.

Serious Rule Violators
(all servers)

Those who are found to be violating our server rules in a way that is unethical (cheat programs) or immoral (racism, hatred, voyeurism) will be;

  • Permanently banned from all games we offer with no option to appeal.
  • Reported for addition to official "blacklists" for the various games we host.
  • Reported for Steam VAC banning (if applicable).

Survival Crafting

(Examples = Empyrion, Avorion, Space Engineers, Starbound, Ark, etc.)

First-Person Shooter

(Example = Counter Strike Series)


(Includes both Vanilla and Modded servers)

First-Person Shooters

Rule #1:  There is to be no offensive1 talk/language either through in-game chat or on our Discord server.

Rule #2:  Raging2 and Arguments3 are absolutely NOT tolerated

Rule #3:  You may not knowingly kill players on your own team.

Rule #4:  You may not use any third party hack/software to give yourself an advantage.

Rule #5:  Nobody cares about your rank or how many games you've won, keep that to yourself.

Rule #6:  You may not impersonate or give the impression you are an administrator of this server, unless you are.

Rule #7:  You may not go AFK during a match, either play or leave the server.

1.  Offensive language includes swearing, messages of hate, racism, bullying, insults, and any other forms of socially unacceptable behavior.  We do allow limited egging on of players, in the spirit of fun, however you must be careful your comments are taken as fun and not personally offensive to others.

2.  We consider "Raging", or the act of getting so angry you can't control yourself, to be childish and aberrant behavior regardless of age or underlying medical conditions.  We don't tolerate that behavior in our lives and will not tolerate it on this server.

3.  This server is designed for adult players and, while we do allow younger players, we expect all players to behave as adults.  This includes working out differences in a calm and civilized manor.  Arguments between players will not be tolerated, no matter the cause or reason behind the argument.  In the event of an argument all parties will be treated equally regardless of the cause of said argument.


General Rules

Rule #1
:  There is to be no griefing or stealing.

  • Griefing is the act of modifying or changing the work of another individual.  
    Stealing is the act of taking items that belong to another player, such as food from farms.

Rule #2:  There is to be no swearing, racism, or creating of hate symbols.  The definition of a "hate symbol" is at the sole discretion of the staff and will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

Rule #3:  You may not knowingly kill another player.  This includes the use of weaponry, traps, pushing, or any other method that causes a player to die when they otherwise would not have.  The only exception to this rule is if you are in a designated PVP area.

Rule #4:  You may not request Creative mode.  Worlds are set to their specific game modes for a reason.

Rule #5:  You may not advertise other servers in our chat.  We respect other servers by not going to them and advertising ours so we demand the same respect in return.

Rule #6:  You may not impersonate a Mod or Admin.  Only those appointed to the position have the trust and responsibility to hold said position.

Rule #7:  You may not abuse lava.  Lava is very difficult to "clean up" and as such any "mess" you make by the use of lava is your responsibility.

Rule #8:  Do not leave hanging trees.  This is defined as a tree who's bottom has been removed, but the top is left behind.  If you start to cut down a tree you are responsible for removing the entire tree.

Rule #8b:  Unless you are clearing an area for a project or home, we require you to replant any trees you remove.  Other players need wood too, don't be greedy!

Rule #9:  Mob eggs are not available to players on the server and as such anyone found using them will be strictly punished.

Rule #10:  You may not own or possess "bedrock".  This item is not available to players and as such is strictly prohibited.

Rule #11:  The creation of "Map Art" in both survival and creative modes is strictly prohibited.  This form of "art" takes up a lot of space and we don't consider it in the spirit of Minecraft.

Rule #12:  As a player you are required to report any exploits, bugs, or rule breaking to the staff immediately.  This can be done in-game, if there is a staff member available, or through the forum.


Rule #13:  If you are playing on a "vanilla" server, the only "mod" you are allowed to have installed is Optifine.  If you are playing on a "modded" server the only "mods" you are allowed to use are those provided in the server's specific modpack.  Hacked clients or unauthorized mods are strictly prohibited.

Minecraft Specific Rules - Player Farms

Rule #1:  You may only use redstone in a farm to aid with harvesting.  You may not use it for planting or growing your crops.

Rule #2:  For crops like Melon, which don't need replanting, you may not build an automatic farm larger than 20x20x20 regardless of how many people "own it".

Rule #3:  Automatic farms may not use a "clock" to automate the harvesting process.  Every harvest must be done by pushing a button, flipping a switch, or stepping on a platform.  In other words, if a farm uses redstone the farm must not allow you to be away from it, or AFK, while it harvests the crop.

Rule #4:  You may not have more than 30 animals within a 20 block radius.

Rule #5:  You may not own more than 15 horses/donkeys/mules.  This is a world-wide total.  Please choose wisely when selecting which breeds and colors you wish to have in your collection.

Rule #6:  You may not create Iron, Gold,  or any other type of ore resource farm.  These waste space, waste server resources, look ugly, and give you materials you didn't earn.  As such, any discovered mineral (including Iron) farms will be removed without the owner's consent, and the owner will be met with a warning that may include a ban for multiple offenses.

Rule #7:  You may build XP or Item farms using discovered spawners, however you must ensure that the farm can be "disabled" when you are not online or have gone AFK.

Minecraft Specific Rules - NPC Villages

Rule #1:  You may NOT claim ownership of an NPC village.  These are server created and can not belong to any specific player.

Rule #2:  You may NOT destroy any village buildings.  If a building is inaccessible to villagers you may modify the land around it to repair the accessibility issue.  This does not grant you ownership!

Rule #3:  If you harvest food from a farm in the NPC village you MUST replant the farm exactly as it was.

Rule #4:  Modifications to NPC villages are ONLY allowed for the protection or improvement of the village.  These may include a wall around the village to keep mobs away, torches to light up the village, or repairs to paths so villagers can access village buildings.  Modifying a village does NOT grant you ownership of that village!

Rule #4b:  If you place a wall around an NPC village you MUST include an unlocked door/gate where players can enter the village.

Rule #5:  Buildings in the village MUST remain unlocked.  You may not place protections on doors/chests/etc in a village that prevent other players from using them.

Rule #6:  If you can not find a way to enter a walled NPC village without griefing, DO NOT GRIEF!  Contact a staff member to deal with the situation or leave a message on the forum with the village's XYZ coordinates.

Rule #7:  You may NOT kill NPC villagers.  We have a plugin in place that records the name, time, and location of anyone who kills an NPC villager.  Do not test our resolve on this rule, you WILL be permanently banned!  (Ammendment: See Rule 8b)

Rule #8:  If you wish to create your own "village" and populate it with NPC's you may do so.  You are permitted to transport up to 3 villagers from a server-created village, however you may not leave the server-created village with a population of less than 3 villagers.

Rule #8b:  If you have created your own "village" and have populated it with villagers you are permitted to kill off the villagers if you decide you no longer want a village, or if their population grows out of control.

Minecraft Specific Rules - Player Stores


Rule #1:  Stores may only use Iron (Ingots/Blocks), Gold (Ingots/Blocks), or Diamond (Ingots/Blocks) as currency.

Rule #1b:  Store owners must include an enderchest (ATM) and a "currency exchange" in their stores.

Rule #2:  Players are responsible for the status and inventory of their stores.  Any store owner who is found to not be restocking their store or who is found to be offline for a period greater than 120 days may be subject to losing their store plot.

Rule #3:  You may not sell "map art" in your stores, as we don't permit it's creation on our servers.

Rule #4:  If you decide to no longer operate a store, clear out it's inventory and then report to a staff member so we can clear the land for another player.

Rule #5:  All purchases from stores are final.  If a player purchases an item by accident they may discuss returning the item with the store owner, however the store owner is under no obligation to accept the return.

Rule #5b:  In the event a store owner accepts the return of a purchase they must provide the player with a FULL refund.  Partial refunds or issuing "store credit" are unacceptable methods for accepting returned items.

Game Server Info

While I will always be hosting at least one video game server, the servers do cycle and change depending on their popularity at the time.  As such I have decided to stop providing pages specific to the games we're currently hosting, and instead have decided to provide this singular general info page.  Directly below you'll find the information for the specific servers we currently have in operation, and further down on this page you'll find general rules that exist on all of our servers.  We hope you enjoy your gaming experience!